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Brighten your skin with moisturizing cream

Erborian Bamboo Refreshing Gel Cream With Moisturizing Effect

The Erborian Bamboo Refreshing Gel Cream with Moisturizing Effect is one of the best products on the market when it comes to the moisturizing cream. If you want to feed your skin and add immediate hydration and refreshing, you need to use this aqua gel moisture cream. It can be used as plumping mask or as a moisturizing treatment that is left on the face for some time. The formula that is in the product can help your skin to look refreshed and supple, smoother, softer and soothed.

What is the difference between the cream and the gel mask?

When it comes to using a mask you need to apply it on the face and avoid the eyes or the other areas where it can get in the organism, while this cream can be applied immediately and there are no worries that some harm to the eyes can be done because the formula is completely safe.

The moisturizer can be applied on the skin after is being cleaned and toned, with a thin layer and is left during the day so it is absorbed completely. It can be used once or twice every week, so there is no need for excessive use in order to see better results, you can only make the things worse.

What are the ingredients in the content?

The moisturizing cream consists of glycerin, water, Ophiopogon japonicas root extract, alcohol, hydrogenated castor oil, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxyethanol, geraniol, linalool, bytulene glycol and other ingredients that help the skin to feel invigorated and refreshed. It is lightweight and whipped texture that can be absorbed very fast and hydrates the skin quickly. There are no sulfates, parabens or phthalates present in it.

The presence of sap and fiber

It is the perfect product for you and your skin and if you want to have the best moisturizing cream, do not think anymore, purchase the product and see the results. It has amazing qualities and the bamboo formula is combined with fiber and sap. The sap contains amino acids that hydrate the skin while the fiber contains proteins and lipids that keep the natural moisture of the skin.


The Erborian Bamboo formula is one of the best and will give the best refreshing effect immediately. If you have been in a search for your perfect moisturizing cream, you have just found it.

The famous black face mask and her benefits

Missha Black Ghassoul

If you want a highly efficient and proper mask for your skin, Missha Black Ghassoul is the best choice for you. This black face mask is intended for people with sensitive and acne-prone skin that provides the best moisturizing effects. It is made of clay and is washable right after the effects, so it cleans the pores and tightens the skin on the face. It can also control the sebum so no excessive oil is being secreted.

What are the ingredients of the black face mask?

It consists of kaolin, water, propylene glycol, Moroccan lava clay, bentonie, stearic acid, copolymer, disodium, camellia japonica flower extract and many other ingredients and extractions that make it one of the best. It is made in the true Missha style and contains a lot of plant extracts. The plant extracts are not in high quantities present in the mask, but provide the needed amount of antioxidants that will make your skin soft and give the needed ingredients.

What are the benefits of the mask?

The presence of Kaolin, Bentonite and Moroccan lava clay

The kaolin is white and soft mineral clay that provides the absorption on the face and it also contains silica. There are a lot of benefits of the masks that are made of silica and Kaolin and have been used in the skincare treatments for centuries. The ability to absorb the sebum is proved, so it is tested and verified mask with amazing benefits.

The bentonite is clay that is derived from the volcanic ash and prevents the skin from drying while squeezing the excess sebum and oil from the pores, which provides the cleansing effect. It absorbs the oils and has antibacterial effects as well.

The Moroccan lava clay is also known as Rhassoul clay and is high in silica. It has absorbing properties and is rich in minerals, so you will provide the needed antioxidants to the skin. The black face mask gives the softening properties and it has been used in Morocco in the beauty treatments for centuries.


I would highly recommend you to buy this mask in order to get the best results in a short period of time. There is no mask that will give you nearly same results as this Missha Black Ghassoul. There is no fragrance smell, stickiness or greasiness, so you can easily apply it.

Natural face exfoliator and how to use it

What is one of the best natural face exfoliator accessories that can be used? And how they are actually used? Erborian Accessories Konjac Sponge Gentle Exfoliating Sponge for Face and Body is one of those products that need to be purchased immediately because is one of the best.

What is the Konjac Sponge?

Erborian Accessories Konjac Sponge

It actually comes from a plant similar to the potato and can be found in Asia. It is cultivated and grown at high altitudes and the Japanese have planted it and used it for more than 1500 years. It was used in the beauty treatments and as a food source. The Konjac sponge was handmade from the vegetable fiber of the plant, combined with French clays and charcoal from bamboo. It provides the gentle and soft feel and when is broken you can get a new one.

What does it do?

The face exfoliator is a gentle cleanser that can be used for the body and the face. You can have 2 different and is intended to rub off the dead skin cells in a proper manner. It is also recommended to use it for babies as well since the company produces sponges for babies also, and it will take you only a few minutes to use it in the treatments.

Erborian Accessories Konjac Sponge

How is used and what are the benefits from it?

You can use it as a makeup remover, but first of all, needs to be wet. You can wet it under the water and then soak it. When is puffy and less wet, you can make slow and soft motions on the face in order to remove the grime and the dirt. The massages are recommended to be with circular movements in order to stimulate the tired skin and help in the regeneration process.

The advantages are that you will get completely soft and refreshed skin since the dead cells will be removed, the pores will be cleaned and unclogged, so proper hydration will be provided to the skin. It keeps the skin moisture and prevents the aging. You can use it in the morning or before going to bed.


There are different types of sponges that can be used, for dry and sensitive skin, for normal or combined skin, for oily skin, and almost every type. Depending on your skin, you can get the best Erborian Konjac sponge into your collection of cosmetics.

The best firming cream


Mizon Intensive Firming Solution Collagen Power

Do you know where to find the best firming cream? Did you have some problems with the skin on your face and now want to give a proper care? If you want to make the skin smooth and provide rich moisture in order to preserve the moist, then Mizon Intensive Firming Solution Collagen Power Firming Cream Anti Wrinkle is the best solution for you.

This product gives elasticity to the skin, tight texture and elongates the moist skin. It is paraben free, no artificial dye, no benzophenone, no ethanol and no synthetic fragrance. It is used before the last step of base where you need to put it around the face. It is recommended to apply it in small amounts for several times and leave it on the face for short time in order to absorb better. The package is of 50 ml and it has 1 year of expiration before it is changed.

The best firming cream provides you moisture during the day and is better than the other products on the market, by the other customers. It can be used as night and day cream and provides the best tightening solution for your skin. It is a collagen cream and is excellent on dry and sensitive skin. The cream can be also applied on the chest in order to stretch marks, which can help a lot.

Mizon Intensive Firming Solution Collagen PowerWhat are the claims of the customers?

The customers claim that the cream provides soft and smooth feel on the skin, so you will feel amazing. The face is moisturized and soft during the day, plus you will look better and younger.

Customers say that the cream is recommended for dry skin and does not cause irritation. It makes the skin firmer and stronger and also is excellent product for the price.

What are the advantages of using it?

You will get better skin, the needed ingredients for your skin and more collagen. You definitely won’t regret the purchase of the product, since there is no fragrance smell and the texture is very smooth. No sticking, greasing or undesirable feels on your hands and skin while applying it.


It can help you to reduce the wrinkles or the fine lines and is good for the summer time. The intensive firming is due to the firming formula, so you will feel it on your skin. You should definitely buy it.

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