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Awesome Korean Skin Treatment

The Korean Skin Treatment is the kind of thing you want to perform as your everyday routine to keep your skin shiny and beautiful. It will provide you with a sure way to perform a beauty routine on a daily basis. On this article, we will explain all there is to know about this incredible treatment.

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The Steps for the Best Korean Skin Treatment

Discipline is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to following a Korean Skin Treatment. It will provide you with the necessary endurance to follow each of the following steps thoughtfully. Each step is important, so you should not skip any of them.

Here are the steps for the best Korean Skin Treatment:

  • STEP 1. Remove your makeup and clean your skin. To perform this task, search for the best makeup remover and an oil cleanser product. The makeup remover is good, but the oil cleanser will ensure there are no mascara traces. As you do it make sure you give a gentle massage all over your skin. Then rinse your face with warm water.
  • STEP 2. Apply a cleanser based on water. This step is very important to get rid of oily traces that may have left from step 1.
  • STEP 3. Exfoliate, at least 3 times per week. That way you will ensure you have a perfect skin, eliminating any dead cells you may have. All your skin products coming next will appreciate the empty room. If you have a very sensitive skin, you may exfoliate only once every week.
  • STEP 4. Get on the toner. That will prepare your skin with a bit of damp balancing your skin’s PH.
  • STEP 5. This is the secret of a Korean Skin Treatment. Apply your favorite essence. It is a nourishing emulsion like the one we show you when you follow the link. It should nourish your skin deeply.
  • STEP 6. Then it is time to go for a special treatment. You can choose among a serum, ampoule or booster with concentrated ingredients to heal your skin. You can address any wrinkle, acne, dull skin, or pigmentation issues. If you are uncertain, go for serums.
  • STEP 7. Put on your favorite sheet mask. Let it chill for around 20 minutes.
  • STEP 8. The eye cream is a very important step. It will specifically target the most fragile zone of your face. Don’t rub it, but apply it with one finger gently all around your eye area.
  • STEP 9. Go for hydration with your favorite moisturizer. It is the way to make your skin glow. Make sure your moisturizer is right for your type of skin.
  • STEP 10. The last step of the Korean Skin Treatment is your protective layer. Use an appropriate sunscreen according to your exposure. That way you are going to be safe from the harmful effects of the sun. Do not forget to reapply it during the day if you will be continuously exposing your skin to the sun rays.

The Benefits of a Korean Skin Treatment

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Now that you know the steps, it is time to explain the benefits of a Korean Skin Treatment. Obviously, the first three steps will deliver a truly clean skin. With such routine you will ensure no makeup traces are left, therefore enhancing your skin’s natural beauty.

The toner is going to bring balance to your skin. With makeup and cleansing products, this is much needed. Then comes the essence, which is the Korean Skin Treatment most important step. This product complements the toner and adds the boost your skin needs.

A serum will repair any redness you may experience with the peeling process. Your skin will be all smooth and pretty, particularly during the morning. The mask is meant to nourish at a deep level. Then comes the products to target any specific zones. The eyes have proved to be the most delicate zone, and we have addressed them with a specific eye cream. You can get rid of unwanted age sings on this step.

Then comes the face cream which will moisturize your skin so that it looks young. The sun is your skin’s worst enemy. Don’t forget the protective layer on the last step.


The discipline and care for your skin is an effort that is worth every second of your time. On this post, we have gone to a detailed step-by-step list with the best Korean Skin Treatment. Do not skip any of these steps as the benefits are worth.

The Best Make Up Removers you can Wish for

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A makeup remover is a key to getting a healthy skin. With all the makeup used by women nowadays, it is important to take it all out once the day is gone. There are Makeup Removers for specific zones and general products. You can find products to address specific skin types and even formulas to improve your skin.

Next, we will give you some advice about how to get the best Makeup Removers you can wish for. We are sure our advice is going to be of most use in your cleansing routines.

Why do you want to have a Makeup Remover?

Before we move forward, it is important to clarify why you want to have a reliable makeup remover. It is the kind of thing that most women disregard at first until they get their first skin issue. If you have a sensitive skin, you may have put attention earlier on finding the best Makeup Removers. However, that is uncommon.

To maintain the health of your face’s skin it is important to take off any beauty product you used. Practically all of them will leave you with clogged pores. If you add a harsh and polluted environment, the bad effects are even worst. You can take away all the health of your skin within weeks of continuing such routine.

The side effect of having makeup all the time is that your collagen will not work as usual. This is the substance on our skins that is responsible for its firmness. It prevents and slows down the natural aging process and the appearance of wrinkles. When you don’t remove your makeup, you are decreasing the natural production of collagen. Think it twice next time you are willing to go to sleep before going through your makeup remover session. You will age very fast if this is a continuous habit.

Another side effect of having clogged pores is having skin problems such as acne. This is something that is more common in young women. However, anybody not using Makeup Removers could be invaded by an acne outbreak. The secret to eradicating it, even before it comes, is to keep your face clean.

Selecting the Best Makeup Removers

Not all Makeup Removers are suitable for everyone. However, there are some general guidelines you can use to make a good purchase next time you go shopping. Pick your strongest makeup. Then make a quick test. If the makeup remover you have in mind takes it off, then has passed the first test.

Next, come the ingredients. The best approach is to go for a natural product. They will be gentle with your skin. Selecting a specific makeup remover for your skin type is important. If you are not sure about your it, go for a generic skin product. That way you will be the safest general bet. If you have sensitive skin, always look for products labeled for sensitive skin. They are the best because they will irritate less.

If you are not sure about which Makeup Removers is right for you, we recommend you to perform a skin-test. Place some remover on the back of your hand and wait 24 to 48 hours. During this time observe if there are any side effects. If it scratches, burns, aches, or hurts you in any way, the makeup remover you just tested is not good for you.

Makeup Removers are also meant for general cleansing. They should be able to remove extra impurities in your skin. If they smooth and nourish your skin, that is a plus. Other extra features include the enhancement of your current skin in terms of firmness, elasticity, spots, and general antiaging. Whatever makeup remover you chose, make sure it can remove any waterproof mascara you are using. This will be the greatest challenge for your next makeup remover product.

The application method is important. Most people use pads or cotton. When the product comes embedded with the pads or cotton you are using, it is best.


To avoid serious issues with your skin, the best is to rely on Makeup Removers to keep it clean and healthy. A makeup remover should be natural and support various skin types. The exception is when your skin is sensitive. In such case, you should be extra careful. Basic removal is a must feature. Test it with the hardest product, like waterproof mascara. Then, look for formulas that can enhance your skin further.

How to Apply Foundation with a Sponge?

We all take sponges for granted when applying makeup. However, only a few of us know how to use them right. A Foundation Sponge can be a strong ally or your worst enemy if you are not using it correctly. Next, we will give you useful tips on how to apply foundation with a sponge. You will learn how to improve your makeup strategies to make you look gorgeous.

The Danger of Missing or Misusing a Foundation Sponge

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Without a Foundation Sponge, you are at risk of over-applying any foundation you are using. A sponge is a very useful ally because you can easily get rid of the extra liquid you don’t want on your face. That way you are more prone to get the exact amount of foundation and nothing less. In fact, a sponge is useful not just for a foundation, but for any sort of liquid makeup you have at hand. Even to apply powders it can be good as long as you use it correctly.

The misuse of a Foundation Sponge usually comes from selecting the wrong shape for the type of makeup you are using. With the variety of sponges in the market, the best is to go for the sponge that will bring you optimal results.

If you want to cover a lot of space, the best is to use a large and round Foundation Sponge. They will make your work efficient, and you will soon cover all the areas. On the other hand, there will be no mistakes, as the sponge is large enough to require a few applications.

For makeup application in corner zones, the best is to go for a small and square Foundation Sponge. This sort of shape is used for the area around your eyes, your nose, and close to your hairline. It will let you cover every detail, which is important for foundation makeup.

Tips to Apply your Foundation with a Sponge

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To begin, put on the liquid makeup. Before you start the application, squeeze it on the back of your hand. That way you will ensure there is no excessive makeup in the sponge. Then apply it to your face. If you are using a powder foundation and before you start, we recommend you to wet slightly your application sponge. A little bit of water is going to make your makeup application smooth. Then, the Foundation Sponge is ready and you can continue.

Apply your favorite makeup as if you were putting small spots on your face. That way you will get a smooth finish instead of lines across your face. You want your foundation to look natural, and that is the best way to achieve it. Once you are done applying makeup use the dotting technique all over your face with the same sponge you used before. Just don’t apply more makeup. That way you are going to eliminate any excessive foundation and make it truly even.

Before you start using your favorite foundation, we recommend you to apply a concealer first. The cream concealer can also be applied with a Foundation Sponge, just make sure it is new or clean. Using after foundation products will be useful too. Just make sure that you apply the concealer first. To apply it use a tip of your sponge and highlight the desired zones.

For dry skins, the best is to go for a liquid foundation and makeup. Powder foundations are just going to cause you skin issues even if applied with a sponge. Besides, the results will be somehow weird because the powder will tend to cause shadow-like effects in certain areas.

If you clean a Foundation Sponge properly, it will last forever. To keep it safe, we recommend you to get one sponge for each liquid makeup type you are using. That way you will not confuse and mix colors in the sponge. Use a separate set of sponges to blend makeup and create new colors and innovative effects. Clean those sponges completely so that they are ready for next time you want to be creative.

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Make sure you are using the sponge correctly. A Foundation Sponge is very useful because it will provide a tool to apply your makeup evenly across your face. Despite foundation sponges are more useful with liquid makeup, they are also suitable for any powder foundation you may use. All you have to do is damp your Foundation Sponge a little bit before putting on the powders.

What Is Face Serum? Why and How to Use It

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Face Serum is not a particularly popular product, but it can work wonders on your skin. It is a combination of so many things that it is hard to know exactly how it should be used. On this article, we are going to give you all the information about Face Serum. By when you finish reading, you will know how to use it and when to use it.

Learn the differences between a Face Serum, Moisturizer, and a Face Oil

One of the most common mistakes is to confuse a Face Serum, a moisturizer, and a face oil. All these are meant to improve your skin’s health, making it look shiny and beautiful. However, they are not the same. The serum has some common ingredients with moisturizers. But it is not precisely a moisturizer. The main difference is the protection you can get from a moisturizer.

A face lotion is meant to let all the ceramides and hyaluronic ingredients that moisturize your skin sit in there for a while. That way your body is able to naturally absorb all the good things, despite your surroundings. With serum, it is not the same. There is a lack of barrier because the product is meant for a different porpoise.

As for face oils, the main difference with a Face Serum relies precisely on the oily component. An oil is just that, while a serum is based on water. This difference tends to be disregarded by certain manufacturers who like to market their face oils as serums. They are just trying to get out of the bulk products, but it is not quite the same.

The basic differences between a face oil and a serum are the way it gets into your skin. An oil has bigger molecules, which makes it harder to penetrate than a serum which is based in water. They can easily go beneath the cream and any other thing on top of your skin. With oils, it is more about protecting whatever you have put on your face, even if it is just a moisturizer. As for serums, they are meant to penetrate and nourish your skin at a deep level.

Let’s talk about the Face Serum

Now, let’s talk about the Face Serum. It is a skincare product. So far that is the only clear thing. It is a boost of nutrition to your skin. The power of its ingredients can repair and transform your skin into a radiating and young brand new skin. If you are concerned about age signs like wrinkles or spots, then the Face Serum is precisely what you should be looking for.

The serum is not meant to be used like a cream or for general cleansing. It should be used right after you have cleaned your face, but before you put on your favorite moisturizer. It nourishes with more power than a moisturizer, repairing at a deep level. If you don’t want to use cream, you can use a face oil as your protective layer. Just then you can start applying makeup.

The regular use of serum on your face is highly recommended. Depending on the formula, different vendors may give you different directions. As a general rule, we recommend you to use your favorite Face Serum once a day, whenever you wash your face. If it is at night, you can avoid applying the moisturizer until next morning.

A serum is not as durable as other skincare products. It should be stored in a fresh and dry place to extend its useful life. You should not use a serum if it has sat on top of your table for longer than a year. They are a strong concentration of ingredients which you should pay some respect. Among the things, you will find in serum are vitamin C, retinol, zinc, silicide acid, vitamin E, glycolic acid, or hyaluronic acid. Each of these ingredients will target a specific skin condition. Choose your serum wisely to get the most benefits.


A Face Serum is meant to address specific skin concerns and there are different formulas on the market. They are often confused with moisturizers and face oils. However, a serum is a much more potent skincare product. Use it on a daily basis at least once. The best is to apply it after you washed your face and before you put on any moisturizer. That way you will ensure the benefits of serum get into your skin.

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