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Do you wonder what is Volcanic Face Mask? Read this

MIZON Pore Clearing Volcanic Facial Mask

Caring for the face is something that matters to us greatly; we always look for the best products to keep it clean, hydrated and smooth. However, sometimes beauty products may contain toxic products that ultimately ruin our skin; so on this occasion, we will talk about the benefits of the volcanic face masks.

When we think of some type of mask, we immediately come to mind women with their face covered with a green or blue cream. Perhaps for that reason is that many we do not encourage taking care of our face with these treatments.

However, there are simple treatments, simple and without so many complications. It is important to know that a good mask is an important part of the regime necessary to have a striking skin.

A good mask layer helps the active ingredients penetrate the skin; so depending on the type of ingredients you can extract impurities from the skin, eliminate dead cells or improve the tone of your skin.

Benefits of volcanic mask

Masks and products made with volcanic clay have a great number of benefits that go beyond the aesthetic aspect; below we present them to you.

  • You will have a beautiful face
  • Decreases expression lines, stains, cloth and stretch marks.
  • Tones reaffirms, softens, moisturizes, purifies and refreshes the skin on your face and other parts of the body
  • Eliminates dead cells and stimulates blood circulation

Volcanic clay not only helps you have a much cleaner and smoother skin; also offers other benefits that improve the health of your skin; like this:

  • Accelerates the process of repairing bruises and minor skin wounds
  • It also has anti-inflammatory action and generates a relaxing sensation
  • It renews the cells and helps to rebuild the tissues.

Although it is difficult to think that volcanic clay can help you improve the internal health of your body; as it strengthens the functioning of different organs such as the kidneys, liver, and stomach.

It is effective in relieving pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis, and osteoarthritis; as it deflates the joints, muscles and tendons.

These are the most common masks; because they are simple to apply, are easily removed with water and even for many people are the most fun.

In the world of cosmetics, volcanic masks are the most effective for absorbing facial fat; also to eliminate the impurities and all the dirt that can be in the pores those are easily observed and are also effective in cleaning dead skin cells.

Volcanic clay and its varieties

Volcanic clay is one of the varieties we can find, and it is volcanic clay not precisely because it is made from the ashes of a volcano, but because it is extracted from mud volcanoes connected naturally with the births of hot springs.

It is thus that the volcanic clay combines the properties of the earth and the thermal water; both ingredients are used in different curative and derma-generation treatments. The volcanic clay of Black Pearl also contains plenty of natural minerals such as:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Silica
  • Iron
  • Titanium
  • Potassium and others

Remember that masks are only applied to clean skin for 10 or 15 minutes; although sometimes the duration can vary according to the ingredients. For example, some moisturizing masks can be used throughout the night.

Apply a mask of volcanic clay at least 2 times a week; allows your skin to be much cleaner and nourished. Its easy application allows you to acquire the routine for the care of your skin, try it and you will realize it.

If they come from volcanic lands you will benefit

The volcanic lands have the power to revitalize the aging, deteriorated or that have suffered the aggressions of the environmental factors, especially after the summer.

The benefits lie in the trace elements and minerals that make it up, because they regenerate the skin, nourish it intensely giving it a healthy and younger appearance.

Know the disadvantages of the product

The process of preparation and application is a little uncomfortable, the pieces of dry clay take a few minutes to soften in the water, it can irritate or dry the skin a little (this can be avoided by reducing the time or frequency of use or adding a few drops of oil).

It is necessary to consider that for skins that are not so fat or have problems of dehydration it is possible that the mask is something strong. Anyway, this effect is proportional to the frequency of use and the time that is left to act and it does not take long to disappear.

The application of volcanic masks requires some integrity of the cardiovascular and renal functions; otherwise, it must be done in a partial way, in order to subject the body to a more limited impact.

When the application to the body surface is greater than 50%, changes in heart and respiratory rate can be manifested by stimulation. It is therefore discouraged for patients with heart or arterial circulation and in cases of respiratory insufficiencies, emphysema or pulmonary tuberculosis.

Cute hydrating face mask with animal faces

BELLEZA CASTILLO Edge Cutimal Sheep Hydrating Facial Mask

A facial mask is one of the easiest and harmless methods to get rid of the damaged and dirty skin. Just a few minutes of skin pampering can give you a healthy and blemish free look. The animal structured hydrating face mask comprises of various natural extract that works wonders on all skin types. They are designed for all age groups and available in a number of colors and ingredients.

How to apply the hydrating face mask?

You can apply the face mask as per your convenience. However, for the best results, wear it at night just before you fall asleep. The blood circulation and skin rejuvenation require your skin tissues to get relaxed. The night is the best healing time for all such therapies. Every mask comes with the different benefit. Choose the hydrating face mask that matches your requirements, skin quality and budget. There is no rocket science in using the cute animal face mask. Just 10 to 20 minutes of facial therapy is sufficient to reap immense benefits.

Best five benefits of using hydrating face mask

  1. Open the skin pores: The clogged pores because of dirt and oil are the easiest to clean with animal face masks. The deep hydration therapy seeps the water deep within the epidermis. The 09 softens and stimulates the elasticity. It results in high elasticity and lesser wrinkles and highest skin quality. The plump and youthful appearance of the skin is much easily achievable with the facial masks on the go.
  2. No fine lines: Regular indulgence in beauty treatment can restore your old look. The same applies for hydrating face masks flooded with innumerable healthy ingredients. The overall facial texture gets magnified. The skin quality and a glowing skin are a result of more oxygenation and stimulation of sweat gland are attained.
  3. Beautiful skin: Loose skin results in rashes and aging spots. The lower oxygen levels manifest pigmentation and production of free radicals. However, on using animal face hydrating face mask, you can attain fresher looking skin without undergoing the unbearable pain full therapies that fall heavy on your pockets.
  4. Suits all skin textures: Facial mask analyses the skin texture and extract away dirt accordingly. Even if you have a dehydrated skin, a facial mask is something that you must always go for.
  5. No oiliness: The congested and oily facial look will get converted into a fresh and flamboyant one after few therapies with the product. Hydrating face mask contains all natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, essential oils, cucumber and Herbs like chamomile to clean the oil from sebum. It also acts as a daily sunscreen and a mild lip balm.


Papaya: The protein enzyme of papaya dissolved in the face mask helps to cure sunburn and inflamed skin.

Yoghurt: The lactic acid softens the skin and exfoliates it naturally.

Herbs: Chamomile acts as a soothing agent and compresses dirt accumulation over the facial pores.

Potatoes: The potato extract encounters puffiness and under eye dark circles.

Eggs: Helps to lighten skin tone.

Cucumber: It gives healing and soothing effect. Alternatively, you can also take a cucumber and blend it in a grinder for using the paste as a natural face mask.

User reviews

The animal face mask is my favorite cosmetic product that delivers quick result and gives me a complete makeover just in a single use. It grants a toned and glowing skin which doesn’t demand much expense from me. The feeling of being pampered in a spa or expensive beauty salon is achievable with a low-cost animal face mask.

My husband loves the animal face mask because of its tingling smell and refreshing properties.


All in all, your face just doesn’t need those harsh therapies to look good. It can naturally get pampered with infused aromatic oils for stimulating the facial glow. The spiritual healing is what takes place when the hydrating face mask is applied. The beauty hidden underneath multiple skin layers are all exposed with detoxifying properties of these masks. The appearance of pores and reddishness would no longer remain a cause of embarrassment. Only a glowing and attractive face would accompany your personality.

Best Foot peeling mask

feet after using foot mask

Besides face mask, Foot peeling mask is becoming the fashion trend of the world. The perceived capacity to detox your body and drawing out toxicities without harming the skin quality is making food peels much demanded. The task of exfoliation moisturizing and pampering are done all at once by the multi dynamic foot masks. So here are few answers to the questions that most of the people ask.

What is a foot mask?

Technically speaking, foot mask is a thick layer that helps in detoxification and boosting blood circulation of the applied area. Along with cell rejuvenation, the Foot peeling mask leaves the foot skin soft and refreshed.

Is there a difference between foot lotion and foot mask?

Yes of course; it is absolutely different from foot lotions. Talking about foot lotion, they are applied after the feet are rinsed to interlock the moisture. However, Foot peeling mask is totally different. They are not used on daily basis. Neither are they applied after you wash your feet. They are a part of pedicure routine. Applying the mask once in a time period of 15 to 30 days is enough to keep your feet clean, healthy and cared.

MISSHA Ginger & Vinegar Peeling Mask For Legs

How to apply the foot mask?

If you wish to attain maximum benefit of Foot peeling mask, you need to start the process by first cleaning and then drying your feet. The best results can be achieved if you use a pumice stone to exfoliate the skin first.

Step 1: Slather a thick layer of the product or all over your foot along with the soles

Step 2: Let The Mask sit for few minutes and get dried. It may take 10 minutes for the drying process to complete.

Step 3: Take some lukewarm water and wash your feet by rubbing it in to and fro motion.

Step 4: Apply a good quality foot cream or a moisturizing lotion in a generous quantity.

Why people prefer foot masks over pedicure?

Foot peeling mask is not something that you get to hear in a general parameter. The trend has recently got popular. Earlier, people used a pumice stone for exfoliation which had its own drawbacks. The process of exfoliating foot skin had to be revised at any cost. Hence, a new beauty regime named peeling foot mask acquired the trend. The Foot peeling mask is much beneficial when compared with a typical pedicure or a pumice stone cleaning method.

  1. Forms of protective layer

Foot peeling mask forms a skin-friendly protective layer over your feet. Any of the brands available from western or Asian markets do not produce natural foot peel layers for well protected and secured foot skin.

  1. No discomfort

Waxing and long hours of pedicure can irritate your skin. The slight sting and rashes are quite normal to happen. Moreover, in any case, dead skin cells get formed after a short while. But this is not the case with foot mask. They are mindful and work scientifically to clean your feet. No stinging or pain sensations are felt after applying the product.

  1. Quick results

It doesn’t remove the foot skin. It is comparatively secure and doesn’t result in accidental skin scuffing. The Foot peeling mask just takes 10 minutes to work and lasts for a longer number of days than a typical pedicure process.

  1. Easy to apply

The best part of using Foot peeling mask is that no experts are needed to carry the cleansing process. Just a rough layer is enough to make the product work as directed. It doesn’t cause any reactions or skin allergies. However, you need to ensure that there are no open wounds or sores on the applied area.

User reviews

The natural ingredients of the product give antioxidant and anti-aging effects. Foot peeling mask pampers my foot skin. I don’t need to spend long hours in the parlor to get a superior skin quality. The product automatically reduces inflammation and enhances skin tone and firmness in a short duration.


The Foot peeling mask seems to be good and it suits all skin type. A product that does so much in just 10 minutes of application is worth a try.

Missha super aqua cell renew snail review

MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Hydrating Mask With Snail Extract

With age come find lines and wrinkles as a gift. But it is only up to us if we like to receive this gift or not. Fine lines and wrinkles are a part of our life. But if we take care of it right from the start we can delay the appearance of wrinkles on the face. And that’s why you should deeply moisturize the face every night before you go to bed. Here is a review of one such product called the Missha super aqua cell renew snail that might help you in overcoming fine lines and wrinkles.

Why use anti aging cream early.

Fine lines and wrinkles appear due to dehydrated skin, lack of important minerals and vitamins, wrong eating habits, and disturbed sleep. We do not get enough time to take care of our skin. Hence we need some external agents that can take care of our skin and these external agents can be your anti aging cream.

An anti aging cream has deep moisturizing properties in it. When the skin as deeply moisturized it does not create wrinkles. The more early you start the better it is. Because once the fine lines and wrinkles start to appear, it is difficult to cure them. But you can prevent them from appearing on your face beforehand. As it is said prevention is better than cure.

How does Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail cream help?

The Missha super aqua cell renew snail cream helps rejuvenate the skin in many different ways. Few of them are:

  1. It hydrates the skin

The Mask provides a deep hydrating effect on the skin. Because of the snail extract, the gel based formula deeply gets absorbed into the skin providing hydration from deep inside.

  1. Increases elasticity

As the skin gets moisturized it slowly regains its elasticity. Making it soft and supple, as you had in your teen age.

  1. Prevent further skin damage

Because of the snail extracts rejuvenating qualities, the skin gets repaired by every use. Further skin damage and deterioration of the skin condition get stopped.

  1. Remove stress from the skin

This one is my personal favorite because every time when I come from a hectic day schedule or field works. I use this mask at night and it simply relieving my skin of all the stress leaving it fresh and rejuvenated.

  1. Complexion correction

The Missha super aqua cell renew snail is also very good for helping deal with pigmentation. It also provides a unified color to your face giving you a lighter shade of skin tone.

  1. Remove wrinkles

It not only helps in preventing wrinkles from appearing on your face but it also helps in removing the fine lines that have already appeared on your face. The Snail extract helps release collagen in the skin. Which makes the skin healthy and improve it from deep within.

Woman with Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail

How does Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail work

The doctor says that during the night when we sleep our body repair itself of all the wear and tear that takes place during the day. In the similar fashion, our skin also repairs itself when we sleep at night. The Missha super aqua cell renew snail helps the skin to repair itself by being a catalyst. The snail extract essential serum gets penetrated deep inside the skin and starts to work from the grass root level. So as the body repair itself the snail serum boosts up the repair procedure.


I use a face mask at night especially on those tiring days I have. It just does wonders to my skin. When I wake up in the morning it’s not only me who feels fresh but it’s also my skin that is fresh and rejuvenated. I would personally recommend this product to all my friends reading this review.


The snail extract is proven to be the best in the market today. And this product has just what is required. It won’t be easy to find something this good at this price range. Being a student it is very affordable for you. Hence, Missha super aqua cell renew snail hydrating mask must be on your tick list.

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