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Skin Toner for Men

Men after applying toner

Toners are helpful in balancing the oil levels in the skin.  If you are prone to acne, your skin could use some toner for men.  Just put some drops on a cotton pad and apply on the face especially on the areas that are prone to oil accumulation and acne. Toners contain mild acids which remove excess oils and moisturize the skin. It might not be advisable to introduce toners into your skincare regimen if your skin is not too oily or susceptible to breakouts. As a precautionary measure, ensure that you visit your dermatologist to get advice on the best toner for men to use.  You should also introduce the toners into your skin care routine gradually so that you can monitor the reaction.

You could also use homemade skin toners such as lavender and raised water.

Benefits of a Skin Toner for Men

MISSHA Urban - Soul Extreme Renew Skin Rejuvenating Face Toner For Men

  • Balancing Skin pH

Skin toners regulate the levels of potential hydrogen on your skin thus adjusting pH levels. pH is measured on a scale of 0-14 and indicates the acidity content of your skin. Toners ensure that your skin has a balanced pH meaning that your skin would be less oily and consequently less susceptible to infections. Additionally, it makes your skin smoother and vibrant.

  • Detoxification

There are many toxins out there mostly from industrial-made chemicals that affect the health of your skin. Toners eliminate harmful substances such as smoke particles which are detrimental to the health of the skin. Detoxing your skin ensures that your skin is brighter with less acne, wrinkles, and scarring.

  • Acne Reduction

Acne breakouts can be extremely excruciating and unsightly. Even worse, acne can lead to scarring leaving marks on your face.  Acne also makes your skin appear oily and unbalanced. Toners remove excess oil, dead skin cells and residue thus eliminating blemishes on the skin.

MISSHA Urban - Soul Extreme Renew Skin Rejuvenating Face Toner For Men

  • Pore Shrinkage and Tightening

Large pores mean the accumulation of more dirt, pathogens, and oil which cause infections and irritation. Toners tighten facial pores, therefore, reducing the chances of dirt accumulation. Including toners in your skin regimen gives you a cleaner and a fresher face devoid of acne.

  • Hydration and Nourishment

The key to skin elasticity is moisture. Facial toners provide the essential skin moisture which is critical in maintaining a smooth and youthful skin. Ensuring proper skin hydration minimizes the symptoms associated with aging skin. Most toners also have essential vitamin and nutrients which further enrich the health of the skin.

  • Versatility

Toners may be used for other purposes other than cleaning the face. You can use them to remove oil deposits on your arms, chest and around your ears.

  • Reduce Irritation and redness after Shaving

Due to their cleansing abilities, toners will incredibly change your shaving experience. Toners reduce the itchy bumps that are associated with after-shave irritation. Furthermore, toners help smooth the skin thus making shaving a smooth-sail.

If appropriately used, toners can incrementally improve the health of your skin. It is, however, critical to get a toner for men with moisturizing and cleansing properties to derive the most from them.

What is the best eye cream for sagging eyelids?

Woman without Droopy eyelids - after using firming eye cream

Droopy eyelids also known as ptosis may occur as a result of aging, trauma or other medical disorders. Depending on how severe the situation is, ptosis may incredibly hinder vision as it obstructs the pupil.

The treatment of the condition depends on its severity and the cause. Some eye creams can be used to tighten and smoothen the skin around the eyelids. To efficiently curb the condition, you need to get a cream that mitigates the effects of the condition.

Best Eye cream to use

MIZON Intensive Firming Solution Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream In Tube

Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Firming Cream is one of the highly recommended eyelid care regimes. The firming eye cream seeks to stabilize the skin around the eyelids and reduce fine lines. Experts recommend it as the best cream to combat the effects of aging around the lips and eyes. In addition to reducing fine lines around the eyes, it also eliminates dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes.

The firming eye cream formula contains polymers which have a plumping effect on the skin. The cream makes the skin around the eyes and mouth appear fuller thus making it smoother and brighter. The cream also contains extracts and antioxidants from plants. These extracts enhance the production of hyaluronic acid which is essential for lifting the skin and reducing the sagging of eyelids. The cream can be used for all skin types. The cream should be used every morning and night as the very last step of the skin care regimen.

The firming eye cream contains the Houttuynia Cordata extract which gives the skin a firm look and visibly reduces the appearance of puffiness. Dark circles are significantly reduced by the aura radiance powder that is a critical ingredient in the cream.  The other components in the cream; Oshima Sakura leaf extract and Hokkaido Angelica root extract helps in achieving a bright, youthful skin. SkingenecellEnmei, one of the primary ingredients boosts the skin’s regeneration thus curbing aging.

The main advantage of this cream is that it uses natural ingredients. Thus you may not have to worry about the effects of chemicals on your skin. Also, besides alleviating ptosis, it gives you a facelift; vibrant and fuller face.

Facial Mask – what works best for you?

beautiful korean woman after using facial mask

If you visit a professional beautician, a facial mask usually comes after cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and massage. The face masks treat your skin according to its type or condition. If your skin is dry, the facial mask should hydrate it. If your skin is inflamed, the mask should calm and soothe. If your skin is oily and congested, the facial mask can help draw out impurities from the skin.

Face masks are meant to improve your skin. Using a face mask that does not suit your skin type may end up causing more damage to the skin. So many formulas do exist in the market today. You first have to know what works well for you before going for any of them

Some of the masks that you can go for depending on the type of your skin include:

Soothing masks

STEBLANC Essence Sheet Mask Aloe Soothing Facial Mask

It is best for the sensitive, irritated and stressed skins. Soothing mask calms and balances this kind of skin. If your skin is prone to stress-induced redness, the soothing mask will help make it feel calm and radiant. Most of the soothing products contained in this type of facial mask work to calm the skin, provide protection, retain moisture thus leaving the skin sustainably soothed.

Brightening masks

MISSHA Herb in Nude Brightening Cloth Facial Mask

Your skin may tend to develop dark spots as a result of either irritation or injury or even due to the sun’s radiation.

Brightening masks work to treat and remove any dark spot. The mask blocks the production of pigment, or help to increase cell turnover so that the darker uppermost layers of the skin can exfoliate away, leaving lighter and healthier looking skin.

Hydrating mask

MISSHA Pure Source Extra Hydrating and Nourishing Cloth Facial Mask

For people with dry or sensitive skin, they need a mask that will help reduce oil but at the same time add moisture. Using a hydrating mask will be effective. The mask works best after cleansing, but just before you apply your night cream.

Moisturizing mask

MISSHA Real Solution Cloth Facial Mask With Moisturizing Effect

If you have dry and sensitive skin, it means that your skin has fewer lipids and is fragile. The skin may feel tight and uncomfortable. Moisturizing masks makes the skin look dull and boosts the hydrolipid barrier.

Exfoliating Masks

BIELENDA Professional Formula Exfoliating Mask For Oily Skin

A mask that has exfoliating properties helps remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Use exfoliating masks as cleansers. You just have to apply on your face for some few minutes, leave it for the recommended time and rinse it off using warm water.

If you have a dull skin, an exfoliating mask will help your skin look lively. It will scrub off all the dead skin cells leaving you looking all fresh with a fresh layer of skin.

General tips on using facial masks

Wash your face before applying any mask. If put on a dirty face, masks may end up trapping impurities.

Do not rub your skin but instead pat it to dry. After all that scrubbing, pulling and absorbing, the skin will be sensitive. Just use some TLC to avoid causing any damages.

Take into consideration the period you leave the mask on your face. Leaving the moisturizing masks for too long leads to clogging of the pores thus 15 minutes to 1 hour is ideal depending on the type of mask.

After you are through with applying the mask, follow up with those facial products that suit your skin type for proper nourishment.

The best face mask for you will, therefore, depend on the type of your skin.

Cellulite Removal Options: What works?

Woman with beautiful legs

Cellulite refers to fat deposits below the skin which appears as lumpy and dimpled flesh on hips, stomach, buttocks, and thighs. At least 90 percent of women have cellulite. What causes cellulite? The real cause of cellulite is not yet clear, though genetics, hormonal factors, excess fatty tissue and natural skin aging contributes to this condition.

Most of the affected women are struggling with cellulite removal. There is a wide range of products as well as medical procedures that claim to clear this condition. But among them, only a few works.

The following are some of the cellulite removal methods that have been proven to give positive results.

According to medics, cellulite is differentiated in three levels depending on how you can notice it. The levels help in deciding the best treatment to use for cellulite removal.

  • At the 1st level, you only see cellulite when you flex your muscles in the affected area.
  • At the 2nd level, it is visible only when the muscles are resting
  • At the 3rd level, the hills, and dents are evident throughout.

Healthy eating, training, and tanning

According to Dr. La Trenta, diet, exercise, and hydration are the simplest forms of treating this condition. Total change in lifestyle is what is required.

Using self-tanners to hide the cellulite or make them less visible is also another way of managing cellulite. Tanning enhances the appearance of your skin, and it makes the cellulite not to be seen easily.

Wearing Spanx is also an option that helps prevent the formation of cellulite. It limits the accumulation of fat in the thighs and buttocks.

You can also give a chance to Cellulite Corrective Gel!

MISSHA Hot Burning Cellulite Corrective Gel

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Treatments

FDA has classified the use of devices for the treatment of cellulite in 3 classes.

  1. Class 1-Topical treatments

These include the roller device which sucks the skin and flattens it out. According to La Trenta, it works well when combined with training, healthy eating, and hydration.

  1. Class 2-Simple, non-invasive instruments

It involves endermology therapy by use of lipomassage machine

  1. Class 3-For surgeons

Devices used are the surgical equipment used for cutting the septae that hold the fat into position thus killing them.

  • Cellulase

Cellulase involves inserting a small laser tube beneath the skin of the patient. While the laser is heating up, the lumpy, fat pocket melts softening the connective tissues fiber bands which hold them. According to Engelman, the appearance of cellulite minimized to significant levels due to this procedure.

  • Cellfina

Performed under local anesthesia, Cellfina, a noninvasive process takes less than an hour. According to Dr. Sharon Giese, a certified New York City Board-certified plastic surgeon, there is no downtime as the patient sees the results as soon as the procedure is complete.

  • Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma extracts are drawn from the blood in the centrifuge. PRP is then applied to the skin area where micro-needling has been carried out. The plasma is then absorbed through the skin. According to La Trenta, PRP does hold some future in the treatment of cellulite.

Though no experimental proof exists to show that PRP is effective for cellulite removal, it has impressive results.

 What really works?

Choose the cellulite removal option which has been proven to be working. Cellfina and cellulase are said to work and are minimally invasive.

Talk to a specialist to help you in determining the best cellulite treatment for you. Take into considerations the cost and medical history. Look into both the cost and the expected result. Do not go for an inexpensive method that lacks positive results.

Currently, it is not possible to completely remove cellulite. The best thing is to follow the recommended options for dealing with it.

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