Erborian Yuza Sorbet Featherweight Protective Emulsion

The Korean cosmetics world is blooming with products that are making a name in the skincare market. The Koreans have a market in beauty products with the good skin care regimens that they follow over there. They have one of the best skins out there. Smooth, lustrous, shiny and beautifully clear, the Koreans are in the know when it comes to beauty skin products and their cosmetics companies are doing a great job of bringing some of their secrets to light for some of us to make use of.

One of the companies at the head of the skincare revolution in the Korean cosmetics industry is the Erborian company. Half French, half Korean, this company connects the best of both worlds in their skincare products. Known specifically for the world-acclaimed success of their BB crème, the Korean French company has gone on to win the hearts of many women in the world. In case you don’t recognize them from their BB creme, you might know them better from their Solid Cleansing oil which has become a must-have in the beauty skincare arsenal of every woman.

The most outstanding thing about the Erborian products is the fact that although they are made from two countries with conflicting images of beauty practices, the resulting product is a magical substance indeed that somehow merges all of the beauty and perfume in France with the skincare natural herbs used in beauty regimens in Korea. This combination is very effective and has been proven by the widespread following of the Erborian skincare products company in Europe. Everywhere in Europe, people are singing the praise of the Erborian’s BB face mask.

Even though the Erborian brand was started recently, in 2008, by Katalin Berenyi and Hojung Lee, its unique and quality products have put it in the limelight letting everyone know of the Korean French company that is making waves in the Korean Cosmetic industry.


The Erborian company makes use of a combination of natural herbs from the Orient and original fragrances from a family owned perfumer in Grasse, France.

Products made by the Korean cosmetics company, Erborian.

The Erborian Korean Cosmetic company produces a wide range of skincare products that are meant for the skin and the lips. They also dabble in perfumes. From the popular BB crème, solid cleansing oil, waterloo mask, the perfumes and more, the Erborian products are quality all through.

Product Review

The Erborian Korean Cosmetic company’s product has been reviewed by so many respected faces in the beauty skincare world and the reviews are very positive. The Erborian products clearly have made their mark as products that give you the full satisfaction of your money. It is money well spent if you spend it on any of the Erborian skincare products. They deliver what they promise, baby skin, or a fresh look, their products are of top-notch quality.