Korea is becoming the next big beauty hub for stylish women all over the world, and has been the influence behind many recent hair, skin and make-up trends. Here’s five of the best Korean beauty tips you can copy easily at home.

  1. The cleanse

Korean fashion dictates that women should aim to have clear, flawless skin, and the only way to get a gorgeous and glowing complexion is good cleansing routine. Beauty starts with good skin, and to get the best out of your make-up you need a solid base. Incorporate a daily cleansing ritual into your beauty routine to achieve the best results. Shiseido Ibuki Cleansing Foam is a great way to obtain a clear complexion for all skin types, or try Clinique Clean Wash Away Gel Cleanser if you have oily skin.


  1. Gradient lips

When planning your next make-up look, don’t forget about the lips! Gradient lips are way on trend right now and are a staple for Korean women who love the subtlety of a soft lip that compliments the softness of their complexion. Start by dabbing a concealer stick, like Rimmel Stay Matte or Dr Payot Solution Stick around the sides of your bottom lip. Next, use a glossy nude-toned lipstick on both lips, then apply a bold lip stain like theBalm Stainiac to the center of the bottom lip and the inside curve of the top lip. Smooth a clear gloss over the top, and you’re good to go!


  1. Contour and highlight

The desire for fabulous skin means that Korean beauty bloggers are big on contouring, and love to highlight pale skin with a few quick contouring tricks. To channel your inner beauty, you must step away from your dark hues as Korean bronzers tend to be lighter and less heavy. Pick up a highlighting kit like Givenchy Teint Couture, which has the perfect color pallet to illuminate dull skin. A budget friendly option that any make-up lover should have in her collection is Max Factor Panstick, a great cover up that can double as a highlighter if you find a shade lighter than your skin tone.


  1. Winged eyeliner

This trend is huge among Korean celebrities, models and make-up lovers alike, and is so simple, anyone can do it. Using liquid eyeliner is the best way to get a flawless flick, and Lancome Artliner comes with a precision brush to get the perfect winged look, which can amplify your eyes and give them a subtle, smoldering boost. Use a thin line for a cute day look and a thicker, bold line for a night out. Start in the corner of your eye and sweep out slowly.


  1. Sleek hair

Whether it’s worn curly or straight, Korean women love to show off sleek, shiny hair.  Most popular styles begin with a healthy looking mane, so smooth some Kerastase Hair Serum through wet locks before blow drying to get a deep shine with a straight style, or use Phyto Phytopulp Foam to create volume while adding gloss.

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