Korean women adore make-up that enhances their natural beauty while being kind to their skin, and “healthy” make-up is a huge trend. BB and CC creams were first introduced in Korea, and are popular worldwide today due to their ability to hydrate while evening out skin tones and leaving a glowing complexion.

Cleansers, toners and moisturizers loved by Korean ladies are fresh, natural and soothing, and make-up is used to enhance natural beauty without looking overdone.

Here’s some of the best products from our favorite Korean make-up and skincare brands:


Missha – amazing korean Make-Up

Missha creates everyday essential products for beautiful skin without the hefty price tag. The brand has a line of make-up, skincare, nail care and brushes.

  • The Style Primer

Good primer is the secret to a flawless base, and Missha’s The Style vanishes wrinkles while brightening the skin tone to prepare it for foundation. Made with honey and coconut extracts, it keeps make-up in place for longer and moisturizes skin with cornflower water.

  • Perfect Cover BB Cream
    Missha’s Perfect Cover BB cream lightens dark circles, blocks harmful UV rays and covers blemishes while leaving skin supple and cared for. Korean women love to use products that whiten their skin tone and covers line, and this BB Cream does just that. A variety of shades are targeting at dispelling unwanted pigment in the skin.
  • Signature Real Complete BB Cream
    This BB cream has no parabens, oils or alcohol and is hypoallergenic, making it the perfect option for those with dry or sensitive skin. It creates a soft and natural look with coverage that lasts up to 12 hours.


Holika Holika

Holika Holika is aimed at style-savvy shoppers of both genders, with budget-friendly prices and quality ingredients.

Face 2 Change Compact Foundation
Holika Holika’s compact powder is long lasting, made with argan tree kernel oil, water chestnut extract, coral and pearl powder to hydrate and balance the skin. The formula reflects light for a smooth finish without blemishes. This is really one of the best Korean Make-Ups.

  • Naked Face Concealer
    This concealer will hide freckles, spots, dark circles and blemishes with ease, and won’t dry out sensitive skin. Combine it with a BB cream for beautiful coverage and a smooth finish.
  • Prime Youth Snail Eye Cream with snail extract
    An anti-wrinkle and whitening cream loved for its youthful effect on the skin is made with wild ginseng, herbs and snail extract found to restore the skin surface and prevent dullness and dark circles.


MizonKorean Make-Up
Mizon is well known by Korean women due to their extensive line of snail extract skincare items, and regenerating toners and moisturizers.

  • Multi-Function Formula BB Cream
    Another Korean brand incorporating the hugely popular snail extract in their products, Mizons’s Snail Repair BB Cream repairs skin and reduces impurities. The ingredients act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce redness and increase collagen production in the skin.
  • Bee Venom Cream
    Bee Venom is a popular ingredient in face creams as it’s believed to be hyper-moisturizing and firming when regularly applied to skin. This cream rids the face of imperfections while leaving skin soft, supple and with a natural glow.
  • Intensive Firming Solution Collagen Power Toner
    The skin loses vital collagen as it ages, and this toner is designed to prevent premature aging by replenishing natural moisture and reducing fine lines leaving skin clear and radiant.