check grammar onlineWomen all over the world are falling in love with popular Korean make-up brands. Their concentration on natural ingredients that create an infallible complexion, and advanced skincare formulas known to leave a revitalizing glow have made them must-haves in the beauty world – and their reasonable prices are making them available to everyone.

Here’s three of our favorite Korean brands:

  1. Mizon – best Korean make-up brand

Mizon’s products are developed with the skincare knowledge of scientists and researchers, and every ingredient is carefully chosen based on their beneficial properties and uses.

Snail extract features heavily in Mizon’s skincare products, a naturally-occurring essence that is renowned worldwide for its healing and repairing effect on the skin. While it might be hard for some to get used to idea of using a snail extract product, the results are amazing. Try Mizon Black Snail Cream to hydrate the face, or Mizon Multi-Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream to revitalize the delicate skin of the eye area and get rid of pesky dark circles.

Mizon Black Snail Cream

Mizon has a range of products for every skin problem, from collagen toners to bee venom face cream. If you want to give the brand a try but aren’t sure which product is right for you, start off with a simple cleanser like Multi-Function Formula Cleansing Foam.

  1. Holika Holika

Holika Holika was founded in Korea in 2010, and its popularity has made it a must-have brand throughout the world. It produces cosmetics for both men and women, and remains affordable without skimping on quality. Much like most of the major Korean beauty trends, Holika Holika concentrates on how women can boost their natural beauty with the aid of professional-grade products.

The brand uses innovative and eye-catching packaging, appealing to young fashionistas who want their make-up shelves to look as good as their complexions. Aqua Fantasy Hydrating Essence is a face illuminator bottled like a perfume, and its sister product Aqua Fantasy Clarifying Toner not only look great when stored next to each other, they create a naturally clear and healthy-looking face.

For those that need a quick-fix skin perk, Holika Holika has a range of before and after skin masques to give the skin a professional glow. Try the exfoliating, soothing or vitality masque and finish with the after cleansing masque for a gorgeous look.

If you’re looking to splurge on a luxurious face cream to banish wrinkles and make you feel as good as you look, splash out on a tub of  Holika Holika Prime Youth Gold Caviar Anti-Wrinkle Care.

  1. Missha

Missha might be the most well-known of these three Korean brands, and is internationally famous for their BB creams that give a foundation-style flawless base while hydrating and soothing dry skin. The brand believes they must provide their customers with products that directly meet their cosmetic needs, and have been known to search the internet for feedback when developing new offerings, and operate with a concern for their impact on the natural environment.