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Want to save a considerable amount of money and still look beautiful? Want to know more about BB cream skin care products? BB creams have turned to be the hottest trend in the entire beauty industry. They come at a price of much lower than the traditional product. A single BB cream can perform the task of moisturizer, Foundation, concealer, and sunscreen. MISSHA  BB Cream M Perfect Cover is the only product that you need to carry in your purse. It is one thing that you need right after washing face, before stepping out in sun, and for hiding marks.

Why people prefer MISSHA M Perfect Cover over general BB creams?

BB cream stands for beauty balm. It was initially manufactured by a German Dermatologist who wanted to produce a single cream for replacing the multitude of Cosmetic. MISSHA  BB Cream M Perfect Cover came out to be a viable option for giving considerable coverage without harming the skin. Besides giving enormous UV ray protection, the product is feasible for various other purposes. Let’s know them now:

Suitable for teenagers

MISSHA BB Cream M Perfect Cover is most of the time called as the best beauty savior. Every woman on earth needs a shiny skin without spending excessive monetary resources. BB creams are no less than a wonder cream. They are the buzz for the beauty lovers. There are many cosmetic brands producing BB creams and circulating across the world. The lightweight BB creams are a perfect substitute for foundations. The light color of the cream gets quickly absorb and exactly matches your skin tone. It is mild enough for the teenagers and their routine makeup application.

MISSHA BB Cream M Perfect Cover

Consists of natural sunscreen cream

With just one BB cream, the need of carrying a sun protection separate is not required. BB cream also has ample amount of UV Ray protection ingredients. Hence application of BB creams would not only keep your skin shiny but will also be protected at the same time.

Available in multiple shades

Just like foundations, BB creams are also available in various skin shades. However, you don’t have to worry about the blending and mixing process. Simply take a pea size of BB cream on your finger and circulate it all over your face to get the desired radiance.

Fights acne and wrinkles

A targeted product can help you to address acne, dark spots, and aging effects. Just one tube of MISSHA BB Cream M Perfect Cover is enough to encounter a series of skin care issues.

Perfect for all skin types

The light weight BB creams make them suitable for every kind of facial skin. No matter whether you have a dry or an oily skin, MISSHA BB Cream M Perfect Cover would give a perfect coverage in either case. Even the ones who have combination skin can bring in the use of BB creams to get the purpose resolved.

Looks natural

BB cream gets naturally absorbed into your skin and doesn’t leave behind any greasy or cakey look. It is perfect for every girl who has sensitive skin and who are scared of artificial chemical fillers in cosmetic product

No need of using a primer

Primers can clog away the facial pores. However, when you replace a primer with BB cream, the same effect can be achieved without causing skin damage. The blurry or imperfect effects of makeup won’t trouble you.

Helps in oil control

A high-quality BB cream comprises of essential minerals that don’t harm your skin. Besides, the mineral quantity helps in oil absorption for giving it a perfect matte look.


I personally love MISSHA M Perfect Cover because of its spot correction. This gets absorbed underneath the skin layers. It feels as if it is bringing out my inner glow. Hence, I always make it a point that I carry it with me where ever I go. I like to call it a goodie pack of wonders.


Talking factually, maximum of the BB creams are three times more affordable than normal Foundations. They come with many quantities at low prices. It won’t be wrong if you say that a BB CREAM doesn’t fall heavy on the purse and gives you the best replacement for expensive makeup products.