Silicon Makeup Sponge tear and oval

Our care for our looks is something we focus on. We always search for the best and newest gadgets to stay at our best look. Yet sometimes it can be hard to find what is efficient and has the best quality. This is why we are reviewing one of the most hyped and trending tools in the market right now. Hype or not? Silicon Makeup Sponge is for you.

Foundation and makeup can easily match our liking, but often it can be a problem in applying your makeup to match your liking. It can be the blending or the applying. The application of different products gives different effects depending on the tool used. Is this Silicon sponge the tool you’re looking for? It is and here’s why.

When looking for a makeup tool, we should consider some specific aspects. We can consider its ability to spread, its ability dry, its cleanliness, and its lifespan. We will review and list many aspects in detail provide the range of advantages.

What is the Silicon Makeup Sponge?

Silicon Sponge or Silisponge is a makeup and foundation tool that has a nonporous silicon surface (made out of silicon and encapsulated in a super flexible material called thermoplastic polyurethane). Hype or not?  Silicon Makeup Sponge is designed specifically for liquid makeup. This tool is what every Youtuber and Instagram model have been talking about.

So what are its specs and benefits?

What uniquely isolates this amazing makeup tool is its great amount of amazing advantages.

  • Spreads little product on more area.
  • Very easy to clean. Just a quick rub with tissue or a quick wash in water
  • It dries quickly and with no effort
  • Feels great on the skin

If you’re worried about using your last bit of product, then worry no more. This Silisponge gives you the ability to use fewer products for way more. The silicon sponge does not absorb a lot of product; its absorption is minimized which gives it the ability to spread more. Its smooth porous texture will make the Silisponge a great blending tool. Is it hype or not? Silicon makeup sponge gives the user the power to be creative and look flawless.

Many worry about sanitation and its cleanliness when the Silisponge can actually be boiled for cleanliness. This would give you no worries about zits and over usage. Since it’s easy to clean and can be sanitized to a great extent, it would be clear that the Silicon sponge can last for way longer, a small tool with great power. The shape of the sponge is designed to have a tip or egg-like structure. This structure is smartly made to help the user apply and work on areas he never could before, and even if he could, this makes it so much easier. It can help you apply it under the eyes and it the crevices between your eye and nose.

Makeup application on silicon makeup sponge

So why Silicone?

If the environmental factor is important for you, then you’re looking at the perfect makeup tool. Products made with silicon protect and improve our quality of life. In everything from decoration to aviation, they intensify existing materials and make new ones possible. Flexible, smooth and gentle silicons create many of the amazing qualities we associate with personal care products—unique texture, smoothness, luster and effective applications.

Hype or not? Silicon makeup sponge helps in making personal care items and products not annoying or irritating. For example, silicons reduce the white residue and tacky feel of antiperspirants in deodorants. With silicons, “long-lifespan” the amount of makeup and its color would barely change, shampoos and conditioners get a better shine and products can be made with stronger SPF. Wetting and spreading qualities provide for smooth and even application of make-up, lotions, sunscreens, and cleansers. Silicon does not react with other materials and does not irritate the body or skin. It can be used inside or outside the body; silicon materials do not generate and irritate unwanted side effects or an allergic reaction.

Usage and variety

            The silicon makeup sponge is provided currently in two shapes. The Tear shape and the Oval shape. The tear shape provides you with the ability to apply better makeup in the smaller spaces, while the oval shape gives you the power to give the spread a smoother and more slippery spread. Depending on what you’re looking for you should consider which shape you need. Given that both shapes have these usages of spreading and applying in smaller spaces. The different shapes have smaller advantages in different areas. Both shapes are made large enough to provide you with a good gentle grip. The flexibility and malleability give the silicon sponge a most comfortable feeling.

We can confidently say that the silicon makeup sponge would with no doubt revolutionize your makeup game. The wide variety of specs and benefits sets this makeup tool apart from any other tools. The ability to use this sponge would make you look better and “flawless” while using the same makeup products you use on a daily basis. If you’re looking for quality and overall reliability, silicon makeup sponge is for you.